Easter in Anafi

Easter in Anafi


During the Holy Week, Anafian housewives prepare easter specialties, easter brioche with red eggs, tea biscuits and traditional “melitera” with fresh myzithra cheese.
On Holy Saturday morning, they bake “cheesepies”, i.e. yellow bread with anafian saffron and local cheese. In the afternoon, the entire village smells of slow burning wood from the “fourni” (=traditional oven), where the roasted lamb will be cooked with anafian cheese, covered with aluminum foil, for about 6 hours.

The oven door and chimney are sealed with mud, so that any air that could burn the meat does not come through.

After Resurrection, the lamb is done.
On Easter Sunday, the bells are ringing joyfully all morning. In the afternoon, the Second Resurrection takes place and the locals gather in Aghios Nikolaos square,

where after the Mass and the holy icons litany, families that have lost loved ones give away sweets, for their loved ones to be forgiven.

  • Πασχαλινή τυρόπιτα με ζαφορά(κρόκο)