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Bathed in the sunshine of the Aegean and showered with the salt of the sea, lonely in its simplicity, Anafi remains an island untouched by the rhythms of modern society. Its visitor, after getting a taste of the unique landscapes and the inhabitants’ hospitality that will be generously offered to him, will love it permanently and consistently.

The island is slowly taking its place in the tourist scene. Today the island is able to provide all the necessary services to a traveller who does not visit Anafi like a common tourist, but bears all the characteristics of an old excursionist a virgin and unexplored place, who constantly discovers it by inspecting it from land and sea.

If anyone find themselves  in Chora, the biggest village of the island, it is worth wander around the paved alleys that lead to the beautiful churches that grace the whole island and the distinctive Aegean all-white houses with majestic courtyards. Going up the alleys, most of them end up in the ruins of the Venetian Castle, that was used as an observatory to the Cretan Sea throughout  Antiquity, while today there lies the church of Agios Georgios.
While walking in Chora you will also see the windmills.

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