For hiking enthusiasts Anafi is the ideal destination. It has many paths that are easily accessible by the visitor and lead to magnificent landscapes such as the ancient city of Kastelli, the highest mountain of Anafi in Vigla, as well as a path that connects the Ancient City of the island where lies the remains of Apollo’s Anaphaios or Aigletes Sanctuary that nowadays hosts the monastery of Panaghia Kalamiotissa. Also through island’s lanes one can reach the superb sandy beaches and the small bays of Anafi, for instance Katsouni, Flamourou, Agios Anargyros.



The jewel of Anafi, Kalamos, the large rock that dominates the edge of the island is ideal for climbing lovers. There are plenty of climbing routes – the first of which was called “The Mission of the Argonauts” in honor of Jason that first walked Anafi accompanied by his fellow Argonauts while sailing from Crete to Iolkos – but you need to take serious precautions when it’s very windy.


Characteristic of the island are the numerous places of worship. Each chapel is associated with a celebration. A typical religious celebration starts in the afternoon after the bell signifies the vesper chants and in the end of church service holy bread is distributed (a type of sweet bread, with an intense taste of anise representing) and in the next morning the Divine Liturgy is performed in honor of the Saint who is being celebrated. After the Mass is finished, a small celebration is set up. The locals share “moirastika”, i.e. various sweets in memory of their dearly departed and the celebrants traditionally offer sweets to commemorate their name’s day. Special religious feasts of the island are the ones in memory of Agios Antonios, Agios Panteleimon, Agia Paraskevi, Assumption on August the 15th, Agios Nikolaos, Zoodochos Pigi and Kalammiotissa. In most occations small fairs take place, a favorite custom of the inhabitants in the square of Agios Nikolaos. At these fairs both islanders and visitors can taste local delicacies, drink wine and dance until early hours to the rhythms of violin and lute. The feast of the monastery on the 8th of September is also considered a big religious event for the island. In the past years, locals used to visit the monastery on foot due to the lack of proper roads or by small boats and stayed in the monastic cells – called  “xemoni” in Greek – for three days or sometimes for a whole week in order to prepare the place for the feast. Today the monastery serves as a nunnery hosting two nuns, and is a Metochi (i.e. a particular land area that belongs to a monastery but is located out of its terrain) to the Monastery of Prophet Elias of Thira. After the Divine Service on the day of the feast, sugared almonds – koufeta – and food are distributed to the attendants, which usually consists of braised meat, spaghetti and of course wine.


Like in every island of the Cyclades, fishing in Anafi is a profession that survives to this day. Fishing proceeds with small sloops, boats with trolling, longline or net. Of course, fishing enthousiasts can dap from the small bays of the island.

Sea Excursions

The tour of Anafi by boat or yacht gives someone the opportunity to visit challenging to approach beaches in addition to observe the vertical high rocks of Kalamos which will awe them and offer an unforgettable experience.


Anafi is surrounded by deep , cold and pure waters that are recommended for diving. This gives the visitor the opportunity to admire Anafi’s sea treasure and the variety of “marine habitants”.