Association of the Ubiquitous Anaphaeans

The Association of the Ubiquitous Anaphaeans is a creation of the first Anaphaeans who moved en masse around 1860 at the invitation of Otto to participate, as famous craftsmen, in the reconstruction of the current Greek Parliament and then Royal Palaces and many other public buildings.

As its first headquarters, the Association, had the church of Agios Symeon in Anafiotika of Plaka, a district that was built and inhabited exclusively by Anafians. The district was built according to the standards of Anafi Town and retains to this day its Cycladic character.

The Association recognized as a national/local association for the first time in 1924, based in Anafiotika of Plaka.

In 1969, it moved its headquarters to Makrygiannis with a donation of a deceased patriot, while in 1983 it acquired with its own expenses a room in Agios Dimitrios where its Cultural and Spiritual Center is located until today. The selection of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios as the headquarters of the Association is a key choice since most of the Anaphaeans who live outside the island are located in Agios Dimitrios with a focus on the area of Souli.

The main goals of the Association of the Ubiquitous Anaphaeans are:

  • the constant tightening of relations between the Anaphaeans
  • Cultural interaction with other associations.
  • The preservation of the cultural heritage of Anafi and the dissemination of morals and customs
  • The defense of the interests of the island of Anafi and its representation in organizations and events

To achieve the above:

  • It publishes the monthly newspaper “ANAFI” with hundreds of subscribers
  • Maintains an internet site for the dissemination and presentation of the cultural and cultural elements of the island, the history of the island and the Association and the information of the public about the island
  • It maintains a dance group that teaches the Greek tradition with a focus on the Anafi tradition
  • Organizes every summer cultural events “ARGONAFTIKA” on the island of Anafi
  • Organizes cultural events, dances, speeches, music and dance nights and participates in various events throughout Greece
  • It intervenes at every opportunity in any institution that can help in the development of Anafi

The Association of the Ubiquitous Anaphaeans is an open association equally to the local community and to the Anaphaeans everywhere on earth. It accepts equal members both Anaphaeans and non Anaphaeans. Extroversion towards everyone is characteristic of all so that everyone knows and embraces the culture, customs and traditions of the beautiful Anafi and to become potentially Inexperienced: those who come from the island of the Eagle Apollo