Local Products

In the taverns and restaurants of the island you can try many local flavors and of course choose fresh fish.

Local specialties of the island are:

  • Handmade pasta (Ballothia),
  • Cheese bread scented with saffron (saffron bread),
  • Fine dough leaves honeyed and sprinkled with sesame or coconut (xerotigana),
  • Sesame mixed with honey and cinnamon (Sesame honey),
  • Sweet cheese pies with local eggs and mizithra (Melitera),
  • Fine dough crescents with sesame, walnuts and honey (stuffed)
  • Pure Anafiotiko honey mixed with peeled almond kernels (candy).

The local products produced in Anafi are few but all pure and very tasty, you can get them from the shops. On the island is produced by local producers thyme honey with intense aroma and color, olive oil of exceptional quality, oil cheese and wine. You will also be thrilled with the excellent quality herbs of the island such as: thyme, oregano, sage, thyme, saffron but also herbs that are pickled such as caper leaves, stamnagathi and kritama.