Ship Schedules

Ship itineraries vary into winter and summer months.

From September till June there is a ferry twice a week from Piraeus to Anafi and vice versa with the ferry line “BLUE STAR CHIOS”

  • Monday & Friday from Piraeus, from gate E2
  • Monday & Wednesday from Anafi (port of Anafi)

There are also itineraries twice a week from Santorini to Anafi and respectively from Anafi to Santorini, with a local intra-Cycladic ferry connected to other Cycladic islands.

A route that makes it easy for someone to travel to Santorini by plane.

Travel agency Roussou Travel

The Roussou Travel ferry ticket office is located in the port of Anafi. Ticket changes and cancellations are made at the office at least Two hours before the expected departure of the ships. You can pick up your tickets up to one hour before the expected departure of the ships. The ferry ticket office is always open One hour before the departure of the ships.

Office Manager:
Evangelia Roussou

Port Office Anafi Travel Phones: (+30) 2286061408-61407 ( Open 2 hours before departure of the ships. )
Mobile: (+30) 6979858495 (11:00 – 20:00)

Chora Office Anafi Tours Phones: (+30) 22860-62304
Mobile: (+30) 6908098045
Open: 11:00 – 14:00 & 18:30 – 21:00