Climate & Geographical Location

Anafi is located at the southeastern tip of the Cycladic complex, with the nearest island being Santorini (Thira).

It belongs administratively to the prefecture of Cyclades and more specifically to the regional unit of Thira. Anafi has a roughly triangular shape with an eastern peninsula and four uninhabited islets in the south of the island (Ftena, Pachia, Makria).

It is generally a mountainous island with intense coastal division but without large bays. It has an area of 38.4 square kilometers, a coastline of 32.4 kilometers and a maximum height of 579 meters (Vigla mountain). The distance of the island from Piraeus is 155 nautical miles.

The weather in Anafi

The weather in Anafi is similar to the weather that prevails in the Aegean and most of mainland Greece, and it is dry and hot. Summer afternoons are usually very hot and it is recommended to wear a hat and sunscreen. For your evening walks you may need a light cardigan as sometimes the sea breeze is more than cool. The sea is very warm and pleasant in summer, but in some areas it is turbulent due to the August winds.

September and October are warm months and are suitable for excursions to Anafi, which become even more enjoyable as the visitors are significantly less. And at this time of year the sea is warm for swimming and water sports, while the afternoons when the sun does not burn so much become ideal for sightseeing.

From November to March, which is considered a low tourist season, the weather is colder and the temperature does not exceed 16 degrees.

Anafi according to the revision of the Climate classification of the Koppen system (2007) presents a warm desert climate (BWh) and together with Santorini are the only areas in Europe with such a climate.